Healthy Food

Are you worried about your diet? Do you think that a healthier and more ecological diet is the base that will provide you with more energy and vitality? Without a doubt, when we take care of ourselves we feel better, both physically and emotionally. If you want to take the step and start consuming organic food, Olga Carrera’s healthy eating blog will become your point of reference.

From her experience, Olga Carrera knows that the change to organic food can be peppered with questions and doubts about which product to choose, which guarantees to look for or which natural cosmetics brand is backed by a quality certificate.

The product sheets and infographics in this healthy eating blog will help you to visualize and assimilate information in a pleasant way. For example, did you know that the color of fruits and vegetables speaks for itself? Yes, color indicates the main properties of a fruit or vegetable.

Of course, whenever we talk about the food we refer to those that are integrated into the organic and bio food. Thus, in elaborate infographics, Olga Carrera shows you the 5 ECOfoods according to the range of colors. Thus, organic white foods such as mushroom, onion, turnip, leek, garlic … help to raise the defenses, lower cholesterol, improve circulation and are excellent natural antibiotics.

Have you heard of organic superfoods? If you still don’t know what benefits they bring to your health, don’t miss the post where Olga Carrera explains the properties of the seven ecological superfoods that benefit you the most. For example, organic maca regulates hormone levels, thus relieving the symptoms of menopause. It also activates energy metabolism and has stimulating properties that help us cope with daily fatigue.

Strawberries are a delight that also brings extra benefits to our health. Surely you know that they are very rich in vitamin C, but also improve our memory, prevent skin aging, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and its high fiber content has a satiating effect. These and many more are the benefits you will find in a post dedicated exclusively to this fruit.


The Energy Benefits of Living in a Smart Home

The benefits of having an intelligent home are diverse, but can be grouped into four different areas comfort, improved communications, security, both personal and things, and of course, energy savings.

This last aspect is perhaps one of the most interesting, as it benefits both us and the future of our planet.

Turning our home into a smart home can ultimately lead to huge financial savings.

A smart home as a savings method!

It is possible to control the domotic equipment of our house from diverse devices, like smartphone, tablets or computers or by means of applications or specific programs elaborated for this purpose. Thus, in terms of energy savings, domotics can help us in various ways.

How does an intelligent home benefit us in terms of energy?
By being able to control all the systems in our house, when we leave it, we can not only turn off all the lights, but also other systems, such as heating and air conditioning equipment, for example. In this way, with the push of a button, we can forget if we have left something on unintentionally.

Other systems, such as motion sensors, allow us to keep off the lights in rooms where no presence is detected. This is ideal equipment for children’s rooms, where switches are rarely used.

Intelligent thermostats
A functionality that combines comfort and energy saving is the one provided by the Dimmer devices. With them it is possible to regulate the power of the lights, which allows us to create different atmospheres, at the same time that we save in the consumption of light and we extend the useful life of the lamps.

On the other hand, intelligent thermostats make it easier for us to control the temperature of heating and air conditioning equipment. Once the desired temperature has been established, they will ensure that we never exceed it, neither by excess nor by defect.

The programming of the lights on and off is also another energy saving factor. For example, in the case of having a house and external lights, depending on the time of year, there is a light availability that can be perfectly captured by photo-sensitive light sensors.

And, of course, the automatic control of awnings and blinds, which raise, lower, or retract, depending on what the anemometers and light sensors to which they are connected indicate.

In short, an intelligent house generates great economic benefits for its owners and is a great ally for the environment, so it looks like the house of the future in the very short term.

Do not hesitate, with them you will get a total adaptation to every situation of the year!


The real estate sector demands competent and prepared professionals

Professionals without the necessary knowledge about the process of selling a home. Real estate agencies created in one day. Malpractice and scams. These are just some of the ingredients of the real estate scene. But your days are numbered. The solution? A greater professionalization of the real estate sector thanks to regulations and training.

The growth of the real estate sector, a magnet for opportunism
It is not a novelty that the real estate sector is in full growth and has recovered the pre-crisis levels. With a volume of professional growth of 70% in five years, the professionalization of the sector has its lights and shadows.

Shadows that are characterized by the attraction of untrained professionals due to the high commissions and the -apparently-easy and fast profitability.

We say apparently because this profitability only presents simple in the eyes of untrained professionals. Selling without knowledge entails dangers, both for the buyer, the owners, the agency itself and society, since the brick has a very important weight in the economy.

Thus, the panorama of untrained professionals is desolate. Only 20% of professionals are properly prepared. Until now.

Because the main organizations of the sector are beginning to take action and demand the professionalization of a group of great importance.

But not only that, while pirate agencies do not require qualifications, professional agencies require a level of training in order to be able to work as an expert and real estate consultant.

Thus, while agencies without experience in the sector do not take long to survive, those that do have the relevant professionalization do endure over time despite the comings and goings. Because knowledge and training is synonymous with consolidation and growth.

Towards greater regulation in the real estate sector
Professional organisations and companies in the real estate world have been calling for years for the sector to be regulated.

A regulation demanded as a result of scandals in the real estate world, malpractice and the operation of an amateur sector that hinders the dynamics of the sector, keeping owners and tenants away from the services of an agency.

The clamours on the part of the experts in the sector began to materialize in rules and regulations. As an example in Catalonia was the first community to create a register with access rules for real estate agents, pioneers in 2010, and with a success in the proposal, several communities have not taken long to take an example.

Thus, Andalusia has implemented its own registry based on the Catalan model.

On the other hand, Madrid, the Basque Country and Navarre also have registers, although they are voluntary, although the experts consider this measure insufficient.

As Diego Galiano, professor of real estate and president of the General Council of Official Schools of Real Estate in Spain (CGCOAPI), points out in the daily El Confidencial: “We don’t want the free market to be eliminated, but we do want to establish rules, as is the case throughout Europe. The market is freer with rules.

He also adds: “We want a model based on four points. Qualification of the professionals, obligation to have a local and economic solvency, that at least an insurance of civil responsibility is obligatory, for the damages to third, and another one of guarantee that protects the deliveries of money to account. Finally, the review of criminal records, to prevent offenders reoffending, which is something that happens now.

With some very specific points in their demands, professionals in the sector like Diego Galiano do not cease in their attempt to professionalize the sector, and for the moment they are succeeding.

The need to create a register seems to be only a beginning that we hope to move towards a more organized direction, where civil liability and training have a direct impact on the improvement of a sector damaged by the bad image of professionals without the proper knowledge.

Personalized Vocational Training in the real estate sector
The Real Estate Consultant Course (a title of FundaciĆ³n Aucal) with 480 hours and nine months of duration, allows the student to train as a Real Estate Consultant.

The syllabus offers an integral formation so that, at the end of the course, the student is able to carry out all the stages of a real estate management. The curriculum includes Real Estate Law, Real Estate Valuations, Marketing and Professional Ethics, among others.


4 Summer Pet Care Tips

Summer pet care tips can be very helpful when you want to take the best care of any pet that you may have. Ideally, you will do some research on the type of pet you have and the proper way to care for it. Ideally, you will do some research on the type of pet you have and the proper way to care for it. However, some of the things that may interest or worry you may be heat exhaustion, fun and exercise, insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas, as well as veterinary care.

Heat Exhaustion

Heat exhaustion is very common in people and animals, while temperatures and weather are very hot. This heat can cause dehydration and ooverheat You should take some precautions to help ensure the best health of your pet. Some of the things you can do to make sure your dog doesn’t dehydrate or suffer from heat exhaustion is to make sure the animal has all the water it needs. Be sure to offer your animals enough food without overfeeding them, as overfeeding can and will eventually cause an animal to be overweight. Being overweight can cause overheating much faster in the summer than in the summer.

Fun and Exercise

When considering exercise, try to limit the amount of time the animal can spend running. You can help make sure your pet doesn’t overheat by exercising while walking, either early in the morning, hours before it gets too hot. Walking and exercising your pet in the cooler afternoon hours around or after sunset is another great idea. Taking your dog swimming while the weather is hot is a good way to cool down and get some exercise. Having ample shade available for your animals is another great idea, as you’ll have protection from the hot UV rays of the sun.


Insects such as mosquitoes, ticks and fleas can cause uncomfortable and irritating problems for pets. Ticks and fleas carry diseases that can easily be transmitted to your animal. Mosquitoes pose the problem of infecting dogs with heartworms that can become deadly without proper treatment. Practicing insect control is a necessity; however, make sure that any type of product you can use to control mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas is non-toxic and recommended for use with your particular type of pet.

Veterinary Care

All responsible pet owners know and understand that to keep their pets in the best possible health he or she will need proper veterinary care. Always make sure your pet is up to date with all vaccinations. This will help ensure the health of your pets as well as anyone else your pet may be in contact with and your pets. Your veterinarian can offer excellent advice on caring for pets during the summer. This may include information on various vaccinations, prevention and care of heat exhaustion, hydration and overheating. He or she will also be helpful in choosing the best means of pest control and elimination techniques, as well as other pet health and safety issues.

As a pet owner, you want the best for your pets. Keeping in mind these 4 tips for caring for pets during the summer, while practicing the best care that can be offered to pets, will provide them with a more comfortable, healthy and happy life.


Reorganize the health system

All citizens of our country deserve the security of universal health care that guarantees access based on need rather than income.

It is a fundamental human right and an important measure of social justice. A government must play the central role in regulating, financing and providing health care. Everyone faces the possibility of poor health.

Risk must be widely shared to ensure fair treatment and equitable rates, and everyone must share responsibility for contributing to the system through progressive financing.

The cost of medical care is rising. In recent years, their expenditures have increased faster than cost increases in other sectors of the economy. In fact, the free market does not work for the health system.

There are two ways of financing health care:

The first is a private method of financing, using workers’ and companies’ money as premiums for the purchase of private insurance, which provides medical care. The established order leaves 47 million people without health insurance.

The second way, which is used by all developed countries in the world, is by taxing workers for health care, which generates a pool of money that is financed through countries’ budgets. The people of our country prefer private health insurance and private health care. Getting used, over time, to the existing system, our people reject all other proposals regardless of their merits.

An analysis of the private health insurance system shows that it is essentially a social method of distributing the premiums collected. Insurance companies collect premiums from all insured workers and spend a portion of them on the medical care of needy patients. As we can see, the private remains only in the undue appropriation of profits. Social distribution does not take place on a nationwide scale, but is only limited by each health insurance company.

Health insurance companies use an unfair practice as the basis for their operations. They select for health insurance only relatively young, healthy and hardworking people, who are rarely ill. Premium rates are steadily increasing, excluding retirees who need much more care. Thus, health insurance companies established for themselves greenhouse conditions. They make billions of dollars in profits, which in essence is a simple misappropriation of unused means from healthy people who do not need medical services. Justifiably, these means should be set aside in a special fund and used for care when these workers retire.

Under the current system, health insurance companies have every reason to limit our care and increase our co-payments and deductibles. HMOs are famous for refusing to cover the necessary hospital stay, denying people coverage for emergency room visits, and stopping medically necessary procedures and therapy. The main reason our system is so expensive is that it has to support profit-seeking HMOs. In the United States, thirty percent of every premium dollar goes to pay for administrative expenses and profits.

HMOs are a useless obstacle between doctors and their patients. A question arises. It is necessary to have HMOs in the system… The answer is clear. There is no need for HMOs. This is an unnecessary link that must be removed. It is necessary to establish a system that allows providers to focus on care and not on profit margins.

The health system needs fundamental change and improvement. It consists precisely in the fact that it is necessary to decide a mature task on the improvement of the medical attention, at the same time that the expenses are reduced and all the citizens of our country are given a goo attention. This great problem does not admit any more delays. It is known that health care in our country is equivalent to a small business, and all participants are interested, like all businesses, in receiving the highest possible profits.

The division of health care into small practices does not favor development in this field and the fundamental medical tasks of reducing the cost of health care for the following reasons:

advanced medical technology cannot be used in these offices; there are no conditions for a high level of organized health services; physicians prefer to minimize the time for medical examination of patients; fee for service is not the best idea in this field.