Healthy Food

Are you worried about your diet? Do you think that a healthier and more ecological diet is the base that will provide you with more energy and vitality? Without a doubt, when we take care of ourselves we feel better, both physically and emotionally. If you want to take the step and start consuming organic food, Olga Carrera’s healthy eating blog will become your point of reference.

From her experience, Olga Carrera knows that the change to organic food can be peppered with questions and doubts about which product to choose, which guarantees to look for or which natural cosmetics brand is backed by a quality certificate.

The product sheets and infographics in this healthy eating blog will help you to visualize and assimilate information in a pleasant way. For example, did you know that the color of fruits and vegetables speaks for itself? Yes, color indicates the main properties of a fruit or vegetable.

Of course, whenever we talk about the food we refer to those that are integrated into the organic and bio food. Thus, in elaborate infographics, Olga Carrera shows you the 5 ECOfoods according to the range of colors. Thus, organic white foods such as mushroom, onion, turnip, leek, garlic … help to raise the defenses, lower cholesterol, improve circulation and are excellent natural antibiotics.

Have you heard of organic superfoods? If you still don’t know what benefits they bring to your health, don’t miss the post where Olga Carrera explains the properties of the seven ecological superfoods that benefit you the most. For example, organic maca regulates hormone levels, thus relieving the symptoms of menopause. It also activates energy metabolism and has stimulating properties that help us cope with daily fatigue.

Strawberries are a delight that also brings extra benefits to our health. Surely you know that they are very rich in vitamin C, but also improve our memory, prevent skin aging, reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and its high fiber content has a satiating effect. These and many more are the benefits you will find in a post dedicated exclusively to this fruit.