The Energy Benefits of Living in a Smart Home

The benefits of having an intelligent home are diverse, but can be grouped into four different areas comfort, improved communications, security, both personal and things, and of course, energy savings.

This last aspect is perhaps one of the most interesting, as it benefits both us and the future of our planet.

Turning our home into a smart home can ultimately lead to huge financial savings.

A smart home as a savings method!

It is possible to control the domotic equipment of our house from diverse devices, like smartphone, tablets or computers or by means of applications or specific programs elaborated for this purpose. Thus, in terms of energy savings, domotics can help us in various ways.

How does an intelligent home benefit us in terms of energy?
By being able to control all the systems in our house, when we leave it, we can not only turn off all the lights, but also other systems, such as heating and air conditioning equipment, for example. In this way, with the push of a button, we can forget if we have left something on unintentionally.

Other systems, such as motion sensors, allow us to keep off the lights in rooms where no presence is detected. This is ideal equipment for children’s rooms, where switches are rarely used.

Intelligent thermostats
A functionality that combines comfort and energy saving is the one provided by the Dimmer devices. With them it is possible to regulate the power of the lights, which allows us to create different atmospheres, at the same time that we save in the consumption of light and we extend the useful life of the lamps.

On the other hand, intelligent thermostats make it easier for us to control the temperature of heating and air conditioning equipment. Once the desired temperature has been established, they will ensure that we never exceed it, neither by excess nor by defect.

The programming of the lights on and off is also another energy saving factor. For example, in the case of having a house and external lights, depending on the time of year, there is a light availability that can be perfectly captured by photo-sensitive light sensors.

And, of course, the automatic control of awnings and blinds, which raise, lower, or retract, depending on what the anemometers and light sensors to which they are connected indicate.

In short, an intelligent house generates great economic benefits for its owners and is a great ally for the environment, so it looks like the house of the future in the very short term.

Do not hesitate, with them you will get a total adaptation to every situation of the year!